Why SekurMessenger is Your New Go-To For Business Secure Messaging

Forget WhatsApp and move into the future with SekurMessenger. A service provided by Sekur Private Data, a Swiss hosted cybersecurity and Internet privacy company traded on the U.S. OTC Exchange (OTCQB: SWISF). With the recent SEC crackdown on off-channel communications, WhatsApp messages and other messaging services are no longer keeping your information and the information of your clients, safe. SekurMessenger employs features like self-deleting texts, Chat-by-Invite to non-Sekur users, such as your banking or other clients, Swiss privacy, and non-open source data encryption to keep all of your communications completely secure both on the sender and the recipient’s end.

Industries that deal with large amounts of sensitive data like finance need to have secure ways to communicate within and outside of their organizations. Sekur knows how important your data and your client’s data are to the success of your business. That is why Sekur uses Swiss servers to keep your data under Swiss protection laws. All Sekur user data is protected under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance. Swiss laws are much more protective of your personal data than laws in other countries like the United States. With Sekur, your data cannot be mined or used for research. All communication data is stored in Swiss servers and Sekur does not use any third party cloud hosting providers and does not use any bigtech to operate. This guarantees its users the full protection of Swiss data privacy laws. In Switzerland, a user’s IP address is also considered private property according to Swiss FADP laws, and cannot be manipulated or monitored without the express authorization of the user.

With this primary layer of protection, Sekur keeps communication data private. Sekur’s features include SekurMail, SekurMessenger, and SekurVPN for the best data protection. Its SekurVPN uses its own servers and does not use third party cloud providers, unlike most other VPNs in the market today. The company specializes in communications and can guarantee safe and secure emails and messages. SekurMessenger ensures that messages between you and other Sekur users are not stored or monitored. All data is 100% encrypted back-to-back and remains private at all times, both for Sekur sender and non-Sekur recipients, through Sekur’s unique “Chat-by-Invite” feature. SekurMessenger also features self-deleting chats to individuals or groups of Sekur users across all devices. The Business and Enterprise version offers an archive setting activated by the account administrator. Archiving allows local device deletion, while keeping in compliance with FINRA and other regulatory bodies on the administrative level.

Privacy and cybersecurity are of the utmost importance in today’s digital world. Personal data is always at risk from cyber threats, and business data is starting to be invasively monitored. The SEC has revoked a policy that allowed companies to internally review off-channel communications like WhatsApp messages and has begun cracking down on any private communications from financial institutions. This process has eliminated WhatsApp as an effective way to communicate privately. With SekurMessenger, your messages are kept completely private, and Swiss privacy protects them against monitoring.

Sekur’s other products, SekurMail and SekurVPN, complete your protection against cyber threats. SekurMail encrypts all outgoing email communications, regardless of whether the recipient is using Sekur. The feature, called SekurSend, allows users to send any size of attachment and monitor email activity. As always, all data is stored exclusively in Switzerland for the best privacy. SekurVPN, the company’s newest product, keeps you anonymous online with a Swiss IP address. Sekur’s servers are high-speed and allow users unlimited data. Layers of military-grade encryption are implemented to protect your data and leave no trace of the data you are transferring.

Sekur is an essential tool for those who want to keep their data protected. Digital communications account for nearly all of our communications in today’s world, and you do not want that data to be compromised. Whether it is for your own personal use or you invest in Sekur to keep your business data private, Sekur is the optimal product for cybersecurity.