The Ultimate Cannabis Celebration: Free The Trappers – A 4/20 Block Party To Sweep You Off Your Feet

Are you a weed lover?

Then join Free The Trappers Block Party on April 4th, 2024, for an unforgettable experience!

This isn’t your average gathering; it’s the beating heart of a revolution about to rock the city. Here, you will find the most exquisite cannabis goods you have ever seen and an explosion of culture and empowerment. 

Accompanied by live music and performances, food trucks, games and contests, and an exclusive farmers market, ensure you are at 4050 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles 90008, between 11 AM and 6 PM on 4/20. Enjoy insane deals like never before and have the time of your life.

Set your Soul Free

In the heart of this massive assembly beats the ideology of “Free The Trappers,” a social movement that is changing the story of cannabis. A cannabis community declaration of independence, where the streets power a revolution of empowerment and equality, this block party is more than simply an event. 

Experience the cutting edge of cannabis innovation firsthand while immersing yourself in the spirit of a community bound together by shared values and goals. We have everything from Edible. And Flowers to Pre-rolls and Vapes.

An Exciting Quartet for Trappers 

Picture yourself in a setting where the very fabric of the city is resonating with the throbbing rhythms of live music, where each chord cries out a narrative of emancipation, victory, and hardship. 

At the Free The Trappers Block Party, you’ll find performances by musicians and other performers who represent the spirit of the cause. Prepare to be engrossed in the music, revel in the culture, and contribute to a powerful collective voice that has given rise to our weed dispensary.

Join The Revolution

The Free The Trappers Block Party stands out due to its steadfast dedication to promoting social fairness and empowering its members. This event will focus on those who have been disproportionately impacted by antiquated cannabis rules. It’s a chance to grow as individuals and as a group and learn how we can benefit our community together.

Every moment spent here contributes to a bigger battle for justice and equality; this block party supports a cause, not just cannabis culture.

Become a Part of the Biggest Celebration This Year

So, are you pumped about joining the biggest block party of the year yet?

Then, market the date April 4, 2024, on your Calendar and get ready for an exciting and potentially life-changing celebration of cannabis culture. 

Free The Trappers is set to welcome everyone, from seasoned cannabis consumers to newbies, and give them an inclusive space to express themselves. In this celebration of liberty and camaraderie, the underground meets the high life, and we extend an invitation to you to join us.

Save the Date

More than just a party, the Free The Trappers Block Party marks the beginning of a golden age for cannabis culture. This event is more than just a celebration; it is a message, a movement, and everything in between. It invites you to be at the center of it all. Come and be part of our narrative. Illuminate the night and unleash the inner trapper in all of us at Herbarium on April 4th, 2024!

An unprecedented celebration of community, culture, and cannabis is about to unfold as the streets call and a revolution simmers. Ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to be part of something revolutionary.

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