Spinning Your Financial Wheels? Your Emotions May Be Keeping You From Breakthrough 

In his family’s mission to the heartland of Kenya, Kris and his family  actively contributed to building an orphanage, planting trees, delivering clean water, and providing animals to villagers. During their visit,  village children expressed their gratitude with a surprise performance and a unique gift—a homemade miniature soccer ball crafted from plastic grocery bags tied together with yellow twine.

From this experience, Kris learned a valuable lesson from the children: their creativity compensates for the lack of resources. Witnessing the villagers’ happiness with limited means serves as a lasting reminder that true fulfillment doesn’t solely rely on material wealth. While money is a universal tool for trade, granting access to knowledge and opportunities, emotions tied to finances often cloud priorities and decision-making.

Kris, though inclined towards emphasizing time mastery over money mastery, acknowledges the necessity of discussing finances. Dollars, as primary tools, create options to enhance life experiences. He briefly explores the Three Phases of Money Progression—saving, investing, and spending—highlighting how people often get stuck in the first phase due to emotional disorders like Frugal Saving or Reckless Spending.

His decision-making system advocates intentional transitions through these phases, necessitating a systematic approach to neutralize emotions associated with money. Kris observes the struggles of those frozen in the progression, uncertain about when to save, invest, or enjoy the fruits of their labor, emphasizing the importance of timing and sequence in financial decisions.

Reflecting on the joy derived from a handmade soccer ball, Kris stresses understanding money’s role as a tool and resource that should serve, not rule. Transitioning into the promotional part, Kris introduces his latest book, “Time Machine,” where he shares a revolutionary formula for answering life’s critical YES or NO questions. Challenging conventional views on time, the book serves not just as reading material but as a transformative tool to arbitrage time, enabling individuals to do more with their precious minutes. Kris urges readers to make informed life choices and acquire their copy of “Time Machine” for a journey towards a richer life. Click here to grab your copy now.