Simplify Your Retirement Journey with GCES: Expert Guidance for a Worry-Free Retirement

GCES may have started as simply a venue for federal employees to find retirement options 13 years ago, but Galen Bargerstock, president, and Clinton Smith, CEO, have expanded their reach to include anyone who needs to find the right and personally designed retirement options for each individual’s situation.

“As our business grew, Galen obtained various licenses over the years and is now a financial advisor,” Clinton says.

As military veterans and a married couple, Bargerstock and Smith understand not only planning for a future with your loved ones but also the importance of looking ahead and arranging for the life you want to live together in retirement. That humanizes GCES as a company and makes all of the financial professionals more sympathetic to clients and their issues. They’re not like many other businesses that only want to sell products and make money at any cost, Smith explains.

“We don’t view every interaction as a sales opportunity, but rather as an opportunity to assist and educate individuals on their benefits and options,” he says.

To most people, retirement planning is a daunting task, but no one has to navigate it alone. The GCES dedicated financial professionals provide personalized, one-on-one support to help each individual determine the perfect retirement timing and ensure that all financial preparations are on track for that. During these personal analyses, the planners thoroughly review a person’s current income and how it will change in retirement.

Many people planning for retirement struggle with how and where to invest. With the myriad of mutual funds and other variable products available within the financial universe, receiving the proper insight and knowledge about them is critical. Learning and understanding the most about retirement savings and how they can benefit each person’s particular situation is key, Galen Bargerstock explains.

“We provide free financial analysis for everyone we meet with,” Galen says. “We also offer forecasting for retirement, allowing people to understand when they can retire based on their current situation. Our approach involves personalized, in-person meetings with families or spouses, focusing on individual needs rather than conducting seminars. This way, individuals can receive a comprehensive, one-on-one financial analysis and determine the time frame for their retirement, as well as the corresponding monthly income they can expect.”

Bargerstock elaborates that when planning for retirement, it can be important to plan for income that supports the client’s desired lifestyle. The GCES financial planners even suggest that some clients might want to add further streams of retirement income.

“We actually do all of it,” Galen says. “We offer life insurance, annuities, and any kind of investments. Whatever works best for the individual client’s situation, lifestyle, and family needs.”

One product these planners often suggest surprises many people planning for retirement. Life insurance can offer valuable protection for both the client and their family, which is always important. However, with modern developments in today’s permanent policies, the clients may be able to experience living benefits for retirement as well. GCES can help people find policies that match their circumstances and goals.

“We operate independently, similar to the big-name firms in terms of the licenses we hold,” Clinton says. “However, we are not tied to any specific company. This independence allows us to offer a unique advantage to our clients. Unlike the big guys, for example, whose products are limited to those offered by their name brand, we have the flexibility to explore various companies and find the best solutions tailored to individual needs. When we conduct retirement assessments, we identify any gaps or areas that require attention.”

Although headquartered in Indiana, Pennsylvania, GCES has become favorably known as a highly reputable financial services company serving clients throughout the US. GCES specializes in helping individuals, families, and business owners analyze, understand, and optimize their benefits, financial plans, and retirement plans.

Advisory services offered by Encompass More Asset Management LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.  Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.