Ryan Rigterink: Leading the Future of Workplace Dynamics

Ryan Rigterink is different from your typical professional speaker and software founder. His journey spans four different industries, informed by two decades of understanding the nuanced relationship between employers and employees. It’s a story of innovation, passion, and a steadfast commitment to redefining the health and value created in the workplace.

Rigterink’s entrepreneurial spirit was kindled at a young age, nurtured by the wisdom of his father who advised him to pursue not only what he was good at but also what he enjoyed. This early exposure to the world of business and pursuit of finding meaningful work laid the foundation for his future endeavors. This unique blend of talent and passion eventually led him to focus on how leaders impact results with their teams and businesses.

At the heart of Rigterink’s philosophy is accessing the untapped potential to create more value in the relationship between employers and employees. His groundbreaking work was spotlighted in a case study with a Utah-based company, which led to opportunities for guest lecturing at business colleges and professional speaking engagements. This experience catalyzed a new approach to leadership highlighting outdated patterns we have inherited as well as the shifts necessary for replicating these significant results in other businesses. This approach, born from Rigterink’s collaboration and research, covers four key paradigm shifts that lay the foundations for fostering a more engaged workforce, making work more meaningful, and equipping leaders to lead their people with more mutually beneficial forward-thinking strategies. That’s when Leaders Ops was born.

His company stands out for its dedication to creating better work environments where work feels less like a meaningless task and more like a personal contribution to a shared purpose, (even with current low-meaning, high-turnover jobs) regardless of what the job is. This mission of “No More Meaningless Work” is deeply personal for Rigterink, a father of four, who is not only interested in improving the bottom line for companies but also in creating a world where his young adult children and the generations to follow, are treated with greater dignity and purpose in their early careers, contributing to a workforce that is both productive and fulfilled.

Ryan Rigterink offers a suite of services designed to transform leadership and workplace dynamics. His offerings include speaking engagements, an 8-week intensive coaching program, and partnering with business leaders who want to recruit perfect-fit new hires, build highly productive teams, and stop losing their best employees.

A distinctive feature of Rigterink’s approach is his development of Workgaze digital tools and harnessing the power of AI to help leaders find motivated job seekers, hire perfect-fit candidates, and fuel employee engagement more authentically. This innovation not only sets his company apart but also provides a competitive advantage for businesses seeking to attract and retain high-quality talent. Instead of just following trends, join leaders making a difference at the forefront of workplace innovation. 

While Rigterink’s results impact teams in the near term, his vision extends beyond the immediate horizon, aiming to leave a legacy of improved workplace environments where employees feel valued and inspired. His methodologies are not about quick fixes but fostering long-term, sustainable changes that benefit both employees and employers.

In a world where work constantly evolves, Ryan Rigterink stands out as a visionary leader whose work transcends traditional boundaries. His dedication to creating meaningful workplace environments, backed by a blend of personal passion and professional expertise, offers a compelling blueprint for the future of work. For business leaders eager to embark on this transformative journey, book Ryan for your next event, or partner with business leaders redefining success in the modern workplace, you can reach Ryan through his website and/or connect with him on LinkedIn.