Recession-Proof Business Model: For Stability in Uncertain Times, Choose the Right Company, One with Innovative Ideas

Best Option Restoration has a business model that protects it from economic slowdowns. Nick-Anthony Zamucen, founder of the franchise company, uses innovative technology to do the home disaster cleanup right the first time. To accomplish this, Zamucen brought in new technology no one else was using or that they weren’t marketing correctly.

“Everybody’s been doing the same thing the same way for 60 years, and no one’s changed anything. No one’s disrupted anything,” Nick-Anthony Zamucen says. “It’s just been very repetitive and lucrative. I liked the lucrative part because that’s fun. But I wanted to figure out, if I’m going to break into an industry like restoration that’s been around for 100-plus years, what can I do differently? I got into restoration, brought in new technology, and we started doing things differently.”

Zamucen refined his approach and started franchising. Currently, he and his franchisees run 50 locations sprinkled throughout the U.S., and he plans to expand to 500 within a few years. Anyone looking to get in on this business can take a look at Zamucen’s track record to see what a good investment this can be. With Best Option Restoration, Nick-Anthony is on his fourth franchise business, and he sold the first three companies after bringing them up to speed with his trend-setting ideas.

Now is a good time to join in, Zamucen points out because a disaster restoration business thriving in any economy is no surprise. No matter what the market does, fires, floods, and other disasters create a constant need for cleanup and renewal. Not even artificial intelligence is a threat.

“We’re about as recession-proof as you get, and we won’t get taken out by AI,” Nick-Anthony explains. “We need men and women to go physically suck up water, pop up baseboards, cut out drywall. This isn’t something computers can take over. I tell people all the time — it doesn’t matter how the economy is doing, who’s president, or who won the damn Super Bowl. Things are going to happen on a daily basis.”

Never one to rely on outside factors to make his businesses successful, Zamucen uses thermal technology and drying chambers for efficient water damage restoration in homes. He feels that leaving the client with a damp house and having to wait seven days for everything to dry out is only doing half the job. Focuses on speed and quality of service, setting BOR apart from competitors.

Service is also a significant factor, Zamucen emphasizes. Technicians are required to be extensively trained, certified, insured, and to show up sensibly attired. Nick-Anthony Zamucen made the Best Option Restoration the best option regarding professionalism.

“As I did my research, I  realized everyone’s out there just being a man in a van with a fan. And they’re terrible,” Nick-Anthony explains. “You don’t want them showing up at your door. Unprofessional looking, wearing terrible clothing. It’s very superficial. When you walk up to somebody’s house, how you present yourself and how you look and speak dictates whether they will trust you and want you to work on their house or not.”

Best Option Restoration starts out similarly to other companies in dealing with water damage. But then Zamucen’s innovations cut the job time in half.

“We suck up the water, pump up the baseboards, and cut the drywall. The difference, though, is that we build drying chambers. This is where thermal technology comes in. It’s akin to taking your clothes out of the washer and hanging them on a clothesline, and they’re dry in about 24 hours, or taking them out of the washer and throwing them in the dryer for 45 minutes. With our drying chambers, we’re forcing evaporation. So we’ll build containment, set up dehumidifiers and fans, and we’ll get that quarantined area to about 100 and 105 degrees, forcing evaporation. We’re literally sucking the water out of the air.”

Revolutionary technical advances matched with progressive customer service turn out to be the best option for an inflation-proof business. Just ask Nick-Anthony Zamucen and his franchisees.