Rebuild Florida Programs Partner with GAFS Co. for Enhanced Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Florida Commerce has recently announced the availability of over $910 million in funding through the Rebuild Florida programs, aimed at aiding recovery and mitigation efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. GAFS Co. is set to play a crucial role in facilitating access to these funds for eligible individuals, organizations, and communities.

With a deep expertise in grant writing and funding solutions, GAFS Co. is prepared to assist applicants in navigating the complex process of securing necessary funding. The team at GAFS Co. will provide comprehensive support, helping to document damages, assess needs, and develop detailed proposals that meet the stringent requirements of the Rebuild Florida programs.

Maghan Barber, the founder of GAFS Co., emphasized the company’s dedication to the recovery efforts. “We are committed to helping Florida’s communities rebuild and recover from the devastation of Hurricane Ian,” Barber said. “Our team is ready to leverage its expertise to ensure applicants have the support they need to rebuild safe, sanitary homes, establish affordable housing, and fund essential infrastructure projects.”

The Rebuild Florida initiative includes several specific programs, such as the Housing Repair and Replacement Program, the Multiple Impact Program, and the Hazard Mitigation Grant Match Program. These programs are designed to address the diverse needs and priorities of those affected by the disaster, with GAFS Co. providing guidance at every step—from the initial application through to project implementation.

Barber encourages all eligible entities to apply. “By working together, we can rebuild stronger, more resilient communities that are better prepared for future disasters,” she stated.