Nitrility Revolutionizes the IP Marketplace with Blockchain Technology

Nitrility is pioneering a transformation in the intellectual property (IP) licensing industry with its innovative blockchain-powered marketplace. Founded by Avi Patel, Nitrility simplifies the buying, selling, and verification of IP licenses, addressing the long-standing inefficiencies and lack of transparency in the industry.

The traditional IP licensing process is riddled with obstacles. Creators struggle to prove ownership, find buyers, and draft complex legal agreements. Buyers face the daunting task of tracking down rightsholders, negotiating terms, and dealing with high legal fees. Even after purchasing a license, buyers often encounter false lawsuits and copyright claims due to the lack of verifiable proof of ownership. This broken system results in billions of dollars lost annually and stifles technological and cultural progress.

Nitrility provides a simple and effective solution to these problems by creating a marketplace where IP licenses can be easily bought, sold, and verified. Here’s how it works:

  1. Verification: Creators register on Nitrility and verify their identity and ownership of their IP using secure digital methods.
  2. Listing: Once verified, creators can list their IP licenses on the marketplace with customizable terms and pricing.
  3. Discovery: Buyers can use an AI-powered search tool to find the perfect IP for their needs quickly and easily.
  4. Purchase: Buyers can purchase licenses directly on the platform. Nitrility generates a legal contract automatically based on the terms set by the seller and the intended use by the buyer.
  1. Blockchain Records: Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, providing a secure, transparent, and unchangeable proof of ownership.

Nitrility integrates with major platforms like YouTube and Twitch to prevent false copyright claims. This means that licenses purchased on Nitrility protect buyers from copyright issues, ensuring that their digital and physical creations are legally secure.

Since its inception, Nitrility has seen remarkable growth. The platform now boasts over 34,000 rightsholders and 400,000 assets valued at over $1 billion. Nitrility has also established strong relationships with major buyers and platforms, ensuring a dynamic and robust marketplace.

Early partners on Nitrility enjoy several benefits, including beta access, custom support, enhanced visibility on explore pages, tailored analytics, and zero transaction fees during the beta period. These incentives make Nitrility an attractive option for rightsholders looking to maximize the value of their IP.

Nitrility’s advisory board includes industry leaders like Chris Zarou, CEO of Visionary Records and manager of Logic, and Solomon Sobande, CEO of Sound Music Group and manager of

XXXTentacion’s estate. Their involvement lends credibility and visibility to the platform, further enhancing its appeal.

Nitrility is revolutionizing the IP licensing industry with its innovative technology and strong industry partnerships. By offering a comprehensive, transparent, and efficient solution for managing and monetizing IP, Nitrility is poised to become the go-to marketplace for IP licenses.

For more information, visit Nitrility and Origin Mind.