James Gwartney and Amber Miller: Comedy Couple Duo Becomes Social Media Hit

Everybody loves a great success story, and today, there’s certainly one worth highlighting. In 2020, James Gwartney and Amber Miller were just like any other goofy couple, but with a bit of a push from the Covid-19 pandemic, they’ve escalated to international internet stardom.

A Goofy Couple with Pandemic-Era Boredom

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Amber and James aren’t some new couple that just got together and happened to catch lightning in a bottle. The two have been in each other’s lives since they were in high school, and they’ve followed each other everywhere.

James (25) and Amber (24) attended college together, worked the same server job at Applebees together, and have more or less been attached at the hip.

In 2020, their deep understanding of each other, and their shared sense of humor, would completely change their lives.

While most of the world was struggling to process what was going on and falling into habits like working in their pajamas and trying not to leave the house, Amber and James got bored and decided to start spreading a bit of cheer.

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A Rise to TikTok Fame

Their choice to spread a bit of cheer during hard times with their sense of humor ended up being one of the best decisions of their lives, too. As a first choice, the couple started their TikTok @staylaughingcouple account, Stay Laughing Comedy, and started releasing skits based on the couple’s humor.

While the duo still worked for a while, the Stay Laughing Comedy brand jumped to stardom quickly, and by 2022, the two found themselves registering Stay Laughing Comedy LLC and becoming full-time content creators, together.

Since 2022, the Stay Laughing Comedy brand hasn’t shown any signs of stopping, and it has completely changed their lives. From being your average couple just a few years ago to making more than $850,000 between their content earnings, ad revenue, sponsorships, and more, the two have found more success as content creators than they ever thought imaginable.

Today, the duo is still making comedy skits on TikTok, and they’ve expanded their brand to most other social media platforms to match the high demand there is for their unique sense of humor.

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A typical skit by Stay Laughing Comedy is aimed at couples, focused on the duo’s gut-busting back-and-forth jokes, and of course, just a touch of raunchy connotations for a more adult-oriented audience.

Around 2.3 million people from around the globe tune in to see what James and Amber are going to come up with next, and they’re never disappointed.

Remaining Humble After an Astronomical Rise to the Top

Despite the massive level of success James and Amber have seen, they haven’t let it go to their heads.

The two have stayed grateful for their 2.3 million fans and everyone still running across their content, and they understand that, that is how they got to the point where they can enjoy their dream together, today.

Even more importantly, the reason for doing it hasn’t changed. They don’t do it for fame or money even though that helps. They do it because they love to laugh and make others laugh just the same as when they were just a bored young couple caught up in a global mess.

You can learn more and follow James Gwartney and Amber Miller at https://linktr.ee/Staylaughingcomedy