How Keryn Lynn Is Revolutionizing Digital Advertising as a Fractional CMO

Like many others, Keryn Lynn saw an opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic to change her approach to business. With fifteen years of experience in marketing for local companies, Lynn was uniquely positioned to transition into the digital marketing space. While experiencing the strange new world of remote work and homeschooling, Lynn had the idea for MKM Advertising, a marketing firm that offers innovative and empathetic marketing solutions to local businesses dealing with unique challenges like COVID-19 and beyond. Her role as a Fractional CMO further pushed boundaries and established Lynn as an exception to the rule.

Reinventing herself and founding a business in the midst of the pandemic was not easy, but Lynn was not about to back down from a challenge. Her first order of business was establishing herself as a credible figure in the world of digital marketing. At the beginning of the pandemic, many were skeptical of remote work, especially remote executive positions. The concept of a Fractional CMO, a part-time executive who offers the expertise of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, was very new at the time. 

Lynn worked hard to highlight the benefits of such a position, like lower cost, flexibility, and the breadth of expertise she could bring to the role. Being a part-time employee allows Lynn to continuously pursue education opportunities, stay on top of trends, and gain valuable insight from other clients. Through persistent education, tailored marketing strategies, and transparent communication, Lynn built a deep level of trust with her clients over time.

As Lynn became better acquainted with her clients and perceptions surrounding remote work began to change, MKM Advertising started to take off. Lynn was able to pivot long-standing clients into new digital strategies and adapt her traditional strategies to fit digital needs. She worked with clients who were concerned about the effectiveness of transitioning to remote collaboration and the Fractional CMO approach. 

One aspect of her skillset that Lynn is most proud of is her ability to see marketing strategy from a holistic perspective. This comprehensive approach came in handy when devising strategies that transitioned traditional marketing practices to remote and digital work. She was able to highlight the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability of digital marketing in these strategies, converting skeptics to loyal customers.

Lynn’s extraordinary commitment to education and growth led to her recent acceptance into Clemson’s MBA Digital Brand Communications program. It is because of her position as a Fractional CMO that she is able to commence this new chapter of her educational journey. Her pursuit of excellence and education allows her to be at the forefront of digital of marketing. She is well-versed in all the latest techniques and how to employ them for the best results. 

This new degree will further her vision for MKM Advertising, which she hopes to grow into a pivotal force in the marketing industry. She sees the importance of evolution in marketing alongside the ever-changing needs of local businesses. Lynn hopes that MKM Advertising will continue to impact its partners with small and medium-sized businesses in a positive way.