From Challenge to Victory: Drive Social Media Lawsuit Campaign

Traditional legal marketing isn’t working like it used to. The landscape of legal advertising is becoming increasingly competitive at a rapid pace, and the crowded ecosystem is making it a challenge for law firms to know how to incorporate impactful marketing and reach target audiences.

With a deep understanding of the headwinds marketing efforts often face, Drive Social Media has analyzed and implemented leading strategies for the legal marketing environment through a new digital campaign: the Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign.

The Challenge with Traditional Legal Marketing

Viewership for advertisements currently using traditional marketing avenues like television, radio, and print outlets is likely declining. It’s the result of an evolution in preferred platforms, and less marketing impact is likely a side effect of the lower number of viewers and listeners engaging with those platforms overall.

For many law firms, there’s a fair chance that their audiences have moved away from these mediums. In today’s world, it’s much more likely they are using mobile devices to view content and explore services they may need. And in the competitive market, businesses have to find a way to meet consumers where they are.

Pioneers in lead generation and marketing that generates business results, Drive Social Media highlights that in order to realize an increased return on investment (ROI), marketing strategies need targeted advertising, and that means leveraging data and preferred platforms and formats to strategically identify how to get ads in front of the right audiences.

Rising to the Challenge: Changes in the Legal Marketing Landscape

The legal marketing landscape is endlessly evolving. And it is digital marketing that offers a solution to its seismic shifts and challenges. Statistics* show that social media has usurped television in viewership, becoming the preferred medium of the younger generation to receive information and learn about new products and services.

Still, target audiences don’t prefer to only see static imagery across social media. Increasingly, they consume and prefer compelling video content for browsing and advertising. In fact, research** shows that 87 percent of marketers report seeing increased sales when they use videos for advertising.

With a deep pulse on the shifts that are impacting digital marketing, Drive Social Media has led to new strategies for legal advertising. The agency recognizes the value law firms can experience through intelligent, data-driven marketing techniques. In response, it introduced the Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign as a revolutionary new series to help showcase the marketing success that law firms can realize through innovative video advertising.

How the Drive Social Media Lawsuit Campaign Is a Victory for Digital Advertising

The Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign is a data-centric video campaign that leverages digital marketing strategies in line with the shifts in advertising preferences to transform legal marketing. Videos in the series last less than one minute – an optimal viewing duration – and instill an intense, lasting impression.

To make the advertisements impactful, the video production of the Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign purposefully coordinates with relatable storytelling. Storylines feature real-life legal scenarios that resonate with both the everyday human and the law firms that represent them, including a compelling story of a mother fighting a losing financial battle with a hospital threatening to sue for medical bills, and that of tenured staff at a personal injury law firm posing as superheroes in a clear demonstration of the importance of powerful, experienced representation.

Each video in the Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign is unique to the target audiences and data of the individual firms, captivating viewers while articulating the value of each firm’s service. The data-focused digital marketing strategies have driven the success of the Drive Social Media Lawsuit campaign and pushed the envelope for the evolution of legal marketing.

Finding Success With a New Advertising Strategy

The new era of successful video advertising incorporates an integrated digital strategy that intelligently combines data and quality content to drive the future of marketing and take lead generation – and law firm marketing – to the next level.

About Drive Social Media

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