Elias Hilali: A French Actor Balancing Theater and Cinema

Elias Hilali: a name that is quickly becoming a hallmark in the realm of French cinema and theater. His journey, characterized by unwavering dedication and sheer talent, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From the charismatic lanes of Paris to the emotive world of theatrical drama, this biography unravels the tale of a prodigious actor who embodies the essence of artistic passion. Discover the captivating story of Elias Hilali, a beacon of excellence in both the cinematic and theatrical worlds.


Elias Hilali, born on January 11, is a young French actor making a name for himself in the worlds of theater and cinema. Hailing from Paris, he was recognized from a young age for his commanding presence and potential in the entertainment industry.

His Acting Debut

Elias Hilali’s journey began on the television sets in Paris when he was just 8 years old. His gift for oratory and his ability to capture attention led a director from the Gulli channel to offer him the opportunity to host a television program titled “Enfant Président” (Child President). In the same year, he was approached for a role in a series airing on the same channel but chose to decline the offer.

At an early age, he left Paris to settle in the North of France, where he began exploring the world of theater. Over the years, he honed his skills through conservatories, drama schools, and training.

These experiences allowed him to embody characters from iconic plays, such as Molière’s “Le malade imaginaire” (The Imaginary Invalid) and Hans Christian Andersen’s “La Petite Fille aux allumettes” (The Little Match Girl).

It was in 2018 that he took his first steps in cinema, securing the role of Bilal, a young immigrant, in the series “Roya,” produced by Canal+ and directed by Nicolas Karolszyk. The shooting location was in the Calais Jungle, and the dismantling of the area prevented the production from proceeding. Nevertheless, this experience marked the beginning of his career.

In 2022, Elias Hilali once again collaborated with director Nicolas Karolszyk, this time playing Jacob, the son of the main character, in the independent film “Chapelle,” which would later be streamed on Prime Video. He continued to portray characters in television series, such as “Jusqu’ici Tout va bien” (So Far, So Good).

Elias Hilali
Elias Hilali in Roya (2018)

Elias HilaliUnable to stay away from the stage, his passion for theater led him to headline various plays, including “Le monte charge” (The Freight Elevator) by Frédéric Dard, “Dans la solitude des champs de coton” (In the Solitude of Cotton Fields) by Bernard-Marie Koltès, “Nina” by Simon Liénard, and many more. Regarding his filmography, he also made appearances in short films such as “Wrong Path” and “Ma paire” (My Pair).

Today, he continues to explore new opportunities in the fields of theater and cinema to enrich his artistic journey and evolve as an actor.