BRICS+ Fashion Summit: Illuminating the Intersection of Cinema and Fashion on the Global Stage

By Hellen Simmons

In the captivating realm of cinema and fashion, a fascinating symbiotic relationship thrives, intertwining both industries in a web of influence that resonates with the discerning end consumer. Beyond the mere act of viewing a movie, we collectively immerse ourselves in a multi-dimensional experience – a tapestry woven with characters, stories, soundtracks, and visuals. Amidst this tapestry, one element shines particularly bright: the visual series meticulously crafted through costumes. It is through these sartorial choices that characters come to life, leaving an indelible mark on our memory.

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, it is movies that have seized the role of trendsetters, dictating fashion trends with every episode. Iconic shows like “Sex and the City” stand testament to this phenomenon, shaping and foretelling fashion waves that reverberate for years to come. This enchantment owes its gratitude to the indefatigable efforts of stylists, costume designers, and fashion pioneers, who labor incessantly to breathe life into characters through their artful creations.

Recently, at the prestigious BRICS+ Fashion Summit held in Moscow experts from the realms of stylists, actors, and designers converged for the captivating panel discussion titled “Celebrity Style On and Off the Screen.” In this forum, they delved deep into the profound and inseparable link connecting fashion and cinema. Amongst the constellation of paramount figures who graced this platform, one star shone brightest: Pavleen Gujral from the vibrant world of Bollywood. She focused on  the unique collaboration shared between film stylists and screen stars. Effortlessly juxtaposing the amplified glamour of Bollywood against the unassuming beauty of everyday fashion, Pavleen Gujral showcased the stark disparity between the opulent fairy-tale world depicted on-screen and the gritty authenticity of fashion in our quotidian lives.

Pavleen Gujral with a musician Samandar Khan

In the Indian culture, fashion and cinema are intricately interwoven, with the local audience fervently following the latest trends showcased on the silver screen. On the bustling streets of cities and small towns alike, one can observe individuals effortlessly embracing styles inspired by the mesmerizing world of movies. Gujral candidly affirmed this cultural phenomenon, underscoring how the clothes worn by actors in films become aspirational beacons, guiding the fashion choices of young individuals. The vivid colors and audacious fashion statements splashed across the screen energize and transform real-life attire.

Shruti Sancheti (India)

The world of Indian fashion itself is embarking upon a remarkable evolution, where designers garner international acclaim and the film industry elevates the role of fashion in storytelling to new heights. The convergence of these two artistic forces – fashion and cinema – shaping trends, instilling inspiration, and captivating a global audience with the allure of Indian fashion. As the curtain rises on this glamorous union, it continues to define not just a national identity, but also cements India’s position in the global fashion realm.