Boost Your Confidence With a Hair Makeover From Lux Hair NYC

Long, beautiful hair is a desire many women share, but it often comes with a high maintenance cost. Lux Hair NYC offers a convenient solution. Our exquisite extensions, tailored to match your natural hair color and texture, eliminate the need for constant upkeep and products. With no chemicals involved, Lux Hair NYC effortlessly grants you the hair length you’ve always dreamed of.

Olga Turkina, founder of Lux Hair NYC, started styling hair as a hobby. She never thought she could make money from it, but she could see the difference in American versus European extensions. She wanted to give American women a chance to experience the luxury extensions from Slavic countries rather than the ones typically available in the U.S. Olga went from door to door, showing salons the extensions and hoping they would be interested in a demonstration. She worked hard to post her work on social media, hoping pictures and videos of the superior extensions would attract clients. The marketing strategy worked, and Olga soon had enough clients to open her storefront. Today, Lux Hair NYC outfits many clients with extensions at its salon.

Slavic hair extensions are made from entirely natural hair, each cut from the same person. No chemicals or dyes are used on the hair, giving each client a seamless, natural look. Hair extensions from other countries like Brazil and India are often made by taking hair from several different people, dying it, and chemically straightening it to fit a specific color and texture. Slavic hair extensions do not carry any of that previous damage, leading to a smoother, more natural look. Lux Hair NYC carries over 500 colors and extensions of different textures, guaranteed to match any client’s natural hair. You will walk away from Lux Hair NYC with the look you hope for.

The hair quality is one of many benefits of getting extensions from Lux Hair NYC. The extensions are applied using small, invincible K-tips that will not damage your natural hair. Lux Hair NYC’s extensions are reusable and almost unheard of in the United States. Lux Hair NYC’s extensions are reusable for up to two years, allowing clients to keep the long, luscious style they love for as long as they want. With regular maintenance, Lux Hair NYC’s extensions will look as good as the day they were put in for years. Most clients get a touch-up every few months to ensure the extensions look their best. 

Lux Hair NYC might be a salon, but its ethos is not just about looks. The company believes that outer beauty helps boost inner beauty. The confidence boost that women get from looking their best can change everything. Lux Hair NYC assists clients for all types of reasons, from women going on vacation and wanting to look especially great in pictures to women who have recently given birth and noticed a change in their hair quality due to hormonal imbalances. Whether you want to feel like a queen or have trouble with your natural hair, step into Lux Hair NYC for a confidence-boosting makeover.