Ali Foundation launches blockchain project

As the scope of blockchain technology spreads to each industry, Hong Kong’s Ali Foundation provides bio industry use, expensive stem cell medical services, and beauty medical services that combine beauty and stem cells in China through the Ethereum Plus project. is in progress. In particular, stem cell-related services require high costs, but many people are seeking this service for purposes such as health and life extension.

Japan has been continuously working on stem cell research for a long time and possesses world-class technology. The Ali Foundation plans to expand blockchain technology for stem cells not only in China but also around the world, including Japan and Korea. This technology is being developed through technology verification and supplementation through the participation of Chairman Bruskava, the world’s leading authority on utilizing blockchain in all processes, including extraction, cultivation, and tracking of stem cells, and the first developer of industrial Java. In addition, we are further expanding the area with Dr. Makoto Takahashi of the Japan Blockchain Association, who is participating as COO. President Jeong Chang-deok of Korea, who is participating in the foundation’s project, said that he believes this blockchain technology will become a new virtual power plant in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the best blockchain technology for a healthy life.         

The Ethereum Plus project is seeking future cooperation plans with China’s largest e-commerce groups, Alibaba, TikTok, JD, and similar distribution companies.

These partners support the growth and development of Ethereum Plus and promote its use within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum Plus focuses on the bio industry using blockchain technology but will also be used as a payment system for numerous distribution services and as a key coin for exchanges underway in Southeast Asia and South America. Ethereum Plus is expected to be used in various fields. We will have to wait and see its successful development. (Related website :