Alexander Spellane Receives LA Tribune Gold Expert of the Year Award at Riskon 360 in Las Vegas

In a ceremony held at Riskon 360 in Las Vegas, Alexander Spellane, the CEO of Fisher Capital, was honored with the LA Tribune Gold Expert of the Year Award. As a leader in diversifying investment approaches through precious metals, Fisher Capital, under Spellane’s visionary leadership, empowers individuals to achieve their financial aspirations.

The award was presented to Spellane by Moe Rock, the CEO of the Los Angeles Tribune, during a celebration set against the luxurious setting of the Ahern Luxury Boutique Hotel. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights Spellane’s influence on the financial industry, mainly through his innovative approaches to alternative asset acquisition, which have set new standards for excellence in the field.

The recognition was part of the highly anticipated F1 Vegas event, which took place on November 19 – 20, 2023, and featured Spellane sharing insights alongside the celebrated journalist and television personality Tucker Carlson. This event, renowned for gathering some of the most influential thought leaders and industry experts, offered a platform for Spellane to dive into the complexities of the current financial landscape, discuss advanced investment strategies, and explore the evolving future of wealth management. His analysis of the confluence of finance, technology, and global economic trends gave attendees a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities that define today’s market dynamics.

In conjunction with Tucker Carlson, Spellane’s role as the opening speaker accentuated the significance of his contributions to the finance sector. He expressed deep appreciation for the honor, emphasizing the privilege of being selected to introduce discussions alongside Tucker Carlson. His eagerness to share his financial insights and to engage with others who share a deep passion for unraveling and mastering the complexities of the market was evident. “I am excited to share my perspective on the financial landscape and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about navigating the complexities of the market,” Spellane proclaimed.

In a collaborative effort, Fisher Capital and encouraged event participants to seize the unique opportunity to absorb wisdom from Spellane and Carlson. These two influential figures, who have left an indelible mark on discussions surrounding finance, politics, and global issues, crafted a compelling narrative for the event attendees.

A prominent figure both within and outside the financial world, Spellane’s influence extends to social media, where he actively shares insights, industry updates, and aspects of his professional journey through his Instagram profile (@alexanderspellane). His online presence demonstrates his dedication to financial excellence and commitment to fostering diversification among his audience.

In addition to his pivotal role at Fisher Capital, Spellane founded the company and serves as the Titanium Sponsor for, conceived by Todd Ault, provides investors with essential knowledge and tools for informed decision-making. It offers in-depth information on risk management, investment strategies, and market analysis. This platform aims to bolster financial literacy and assist individuals in navigating the fluctuating dynamics of contemporary markets.

The LA Tribune Gold Expert of the Year Award celebrates Spellane’s accomplishments and embodies the client-driven, innovative philosophy that Fisher Capital champions. This accolade underscores Spellane’s lasting impact on the precious metals industry and marks his significant contributions toward advancing alternative asset allocation.