11 Entrepreneurs Solving Problems with Grit, Passion, and Brilliance

An entrepreneur could be defined as a person who starts a business to solve a problem.  The business isn’t always started intentionally, and the problem isn’t always a new one.  Some entrepreneurs start their businesses to offer a better solution to a current problem.  But, one thing is for certain.  Among many other skills, an entrepreneur is an amazing problem solver.  There’s wide spectrum of entrepreneurs, and many may even identify simply as business owners. 

These entrepreneurs and business owners don’t often get the credit they deserve for the problems they solve, the sacrifices they make, and the challenges they endure.  It could be a thankless job if you’re doing it right.  But, among this jungle of problem solvers are those with grit, passion, and brilliance.  We wanted to highlight a few entrepreneurs doing amazing things in their respective fields and solving problems for those looking for solutions.  Below is that list.

Destination Us

Madison Lloyd is the creative force behind Destination Us, a premier wedding and event planning company serving the Carolinas and beyond. With a deep passion for personalized experiences, Madison and her team are known for crafting weddings that reflect the unique personalities and stories of each couple. Rejecting the “copy and paste” culture of traditional weddings, Destination Us takes the time to truly get to know clients and infuse their individuality into every detail. This approach has earned them the Best of Zola 2024 award. When she’s not planning weddings, Madison volunteers at her church, organizing Vacation Bible School, and enjoys geocaching for new adventures. Explore their work at www.DestinationUsEvents.com. 

Bud & Lather

Bud & Lather is a cottage industry business that merges music and soap-making, creating exclusive merchandise for the music industry. Co-founded by Vasati and Manny Newman and with Kingston Newman poised to lead the company, Bud & Lather is redefining how recording artists connect with their fans. This unique approach offers musicians a new alternative to distribute their music—bundling songs or entire albums with handmade soap, accessible only through direct purchases from the artist. This concept earned the company several local awards in Oregon. Outside of work, Manny is a disabled artist, Vasati is in the hospitality industry, and Kingston is a full-time student and disabled athlete. Discover their unique products at www.hiphopsoap.com.

Johnson’s Family Plumbing PSC

Johnson’s Family Plumbing PSC is a trusted provider of residential and commercial plumbing services, offering expert solutions at reasonable rates with a commitment to integrity. Co-founded by Paul and Vicki Johnson, the company specializes in resolving issues like water leaks, well problems, and plumbing remodel jobs. Homeowners and commercial property owners benefit from their same-day service and personalized treatment; customers are not just clients—they’re family. Johnson’s Family Plumbing understands that their arrival usually means there’s been a disruption, so they work diligently to fix problems with care and respect. They’ve been recognized as the 2022 & 2023 Muncie’s Quest for the Best Silver Winner. When not serving customers, the Johnson family enjoys racing front-wheel cars at short tracks and supporting their daughter’s softball teams. Learn more at www.johnsonsfamilyplumbing.net. 


Becca Compagnucci is the founder of SurgeMMG, a marketing agency specializing in helping auto detailing and other skilled trade businesses grow through targeted Facebook Ads. With a background in owning a successful auto detailing business herself, Becca knows the unique challenges these companies face and provides solutions to attract higher-ticket clients and quality leads, relieving owners from managing pay-per-click campaigns. SurgeMMG stands out because Becca’s hands-on experience gives her an insider’s understanding of the industry. She was featured on Season 12 of “The Blox,” a reality show about entrepreneurship, and her company boasts five-star reviews across Google, Yelp, and Facebook. When she’s not working, Becca enjoys beach trips in New Jersey, visiting her parents in Florida, working out, practicing yoga, and creating motivational content on TikTok. Visit www.surgemmg.com for more.


Julia Brandon is the founder of MyKidExperience.com, a unique platform in the gift industry that rethinks traditional gift-giving by providing an experience registry for kids. With this innovative approach, parents can request memorable experiences instead of physical toys, promoting valuable family time and reducing clutter. MyKidExperience.com is designed for parents who want their children to enjoy enriching experiences rather than accumulate more toys that gather dust. As the only experience registry site for kids, the company helps parents relieve the burden of paying for costly outings while exposing kids to a variety of new adventures. Outside of her work, Julia is a mom of three boys, a middle school math teacher, and a house flipper. Visit mykidexperience.com to learn more.

Your Health Coach Chelsea

Chelsea Sullivan is the founder of Your Health Coach Chelsea, a health and wellness company dedicated to empowering rocker chick mamas and wild spirits to embrace their inner bad***. Offering a unique blend of holistic health coaching, reiki, sound healing, and Aura Essence Portraits, Chelsea helps clients prioritize their physical and mental well-being while staying true to their unique selves. Her approach caters to those seeking an authentic and personalized path to health, providing a safe space to overcome physical and mental health challenges. Chelsea’s distinct edge comes from integrating cannabis education and a no-holds-barred attitude, creating an empowering journey for her clients. When she’s not working, she’s at home with her boyfriend and son, pouring reiki-infused candles, and hosting healing events like sound baths. Visit yourcoachchelsea.com for more.

Sapphire Partners

Eryn Anitavi is the founder of Sapphire Partners, a company that provides remote and hybrid executive support and fractional chiefs of staff for small businesses, leadership teams, entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, and C-suite executives. Sapphire Partners focuses on neurodiverse leadership, offering support roadmaps that are customized to help leaders tackle chaos and overwhelm while achieving clarity, consistency, and certainty in their day-to-day operations. Their approach is unique in that they personality-match executives with their “Sapphires,” allowing businesses to grow more efficiently and with greater joy. Eryn’s extensive background in executive support has made her a contestant on Season 11 of “The Blox” and a keynote co-speaker at WomenTech Global 2024. In her spare time, Eryn enjoys archery, roller derby, steampunk crafting, and spending time with her young adult children. Visit www.choosesapphire.com to learn more.

Creative Ascension Strategies

Colby Lucas is the founder of Creative Ascension Strategies, a business consulting and marketing firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow efficiently and sustainably. The company offers strategic support through data-driven marketing, using actionable steps that are designed to meet each client’s unique goals. What sets Creative Ascension Strategies apart is Colby’s experience and understanding of how larger corporations operate, which allows her to apply best practices to smaller businesses that don’t have the same resources. As a Best of Florida Nominee for 2024, the firm is recognized for its innovative approach. When she’s not working, Colby, a Florida native, enjoys exploring local music, discovering new restaurants, pole dancing workouts, and attending Ford Bronco meet-ups with her family. Visit ca-strategies.com to learn more.

Wildstylez Asheville

Alina Zarzycki is the founder of Wildstylez Asheville, a luxury hair salon in Asheville that blends beauty with wellness. This unique salon offers a luxurious experience, focusing on high-quality, non-toxic hair products and color treatments. What sets Wildstylez Asheville apart is its emphasis on relaxation and customer care—every client receives a shoulder, neck, and scalp massage with essential oils of their choice. This attention to detail has earned the salon over 50 five-star reviews and recognition as one of the Best Hair Salons in Asheville for two years in a row by Travel Guides Asheville. When she’s not at work, Alina enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing aerial/circus arts, yoga, hiking, writing poetry, reading, and singing. Discover more at www.wildstylezasheville.com.

Vortex Events

Jack McCarthy is the founder of Vortex Events, a premium event company that helps remote and hybrid businesses build strong teams and improve company culture through engaging events. Specializing in team-building experiences, Vortex Events addresses common problems in remote work environments, like low morale, poor communication, and lack of synergy. What sets Vortex Events apart is its combination of business strategy and fun, with events hosted by professional actors and consultants. The company has received several accolades, including the Bullseye Award for Best Game in 2020 and 2023 and was hailed as the most collaborative game in 2021. They have served over 1,000 companies, from state government departments to Fortune 500 corporations. Outside of work, Jack enjoys escape rooms, DnD, directing live theater shows, hiking, and traveling. Visit www.vortexevents.online to learn more.

Hot Mess Consulting

Angela Froschl is the founder of Hot Mess Consulting, a business that helps retail fashion e-commerce boutiques stand out through powerful branding and strategic website design. Hot Mess Consulting is not just about making your website look pretty; it’s about creating a compelling customer journey that converts visitors into buyers. Serving over 2,500 clients, Angela and her team focus on understanding the unique needs of boutique owners, providing them with the expertise of both seasoned marketing professionals and experienced e-commerce specialists. Angela’s journey to business ownership was not straightforward. Born to a single teenage mother and enduring personal struggles, she emerged from a toxic relationship and a traditional day job to build her first business. Along the way, she fought a tumor, published a tell-all book, and launched Hot Mess Consulting, a business that has since achieved millions in revenue. In her spare time, Angela enjoys traveling, experimenting with new activities like pole dancing, and spending time with her family. Learn more about Hot Mess Consulting at www.hotmesshustle.com.